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Editorial: Editorial: Welcome back! ,By Laurent Chrzanovski, Marco Essomba, Norman Frankel
Authorities: Ethics as the most formidable challenge in ICTs, By Marco Obiso, International Telecommunication Union
VIP Interview: 2019, 1st semester: Romania’s EU council presidency. A country under siege. VIP Interview with Lt. General Ing. Sorin Vasilca, Director-General of the Special Telecommunications Service, By Laurent Chrzanovski
Authorities: The communications’ future. 5G, between benefits and cybersecurity challenges, By Virgilius Stanciulescu
VIP Interview: This is another kind of sapiens that inhabits the planet. VIP interview with Prof. Paolo Benanti, By Massimiliano Cannata
VIP Interview: From “sapiens” to “stupidus”: if we neglect values, technological civilization risks plunging into barbarity. VIP interview with Prof. Vittorino Andreoli, By Massimiliano Cannata
Focus: In only 5 years, homo sapiens became homo smartphonicus schizophrenicus, By Laurent Chrzanovski
Focus: From IT Security to Cyber-Security, have VSEs and SMEs misunderstood this paradigm shift?, By Didier Spella
Focus: Cybersecurity: the first line of defence against the impact of artificial intelligence, By Marc-André Ryter
Focus: Self-defending networks: reality or fiction?, By Marco Essomba
Focus: Trust Your Digital User: An innovative holistic approach for better user experience along with higher security. , By Alessio Parzian
Focus: The 2nd “Cybersecurity-Mediterranean” congress: major topics and lessons learned., By Marc-André Ryter
Trends: The future of Identity and Access Management, By Marco Sironi
Focus: The phaenomenon of the Cyber Security Skill Shortage: a global emergency, By Elena Agresti and Marco Fiore
Focus: Innovative tools for corporate awareness, By Sonia Ciampoli
Focus: Multidisciplinary incident management, By Massimo Cappelli