>>> Concept

Cybersecurity Trends is a quarterly magazine that helps raise the level of awareness of the continuously increasing amount of Cyber crimes and how to defend against these crimes through information provided by major players in IT security, dedicated associations and state institutions.

Cyber crimes range from attacks on home users and small businesses to attacks on state institutions. Private, classified, and sensitive information and infrastructures are being compromised, military and industrial installations are put at risk, personal safety and health can be seriously damaged.

Cybersecurity Trends will publish news about the (almost) daily threats & attacks, changes in EU & UK/Eire legislation, court cases & law enforcement, interviews with the major stakeholders, case studies & analysis, practical advices. Information about companies, products, solutions, specialized trainings, books and dedicated events, will also be covered.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be one of our advertisers in this unique magazine which will give your company exposure to Government Cybersecurity agencies, universities, defense contractors and private sector business owners in need of solutions and prevention of cyber crimes. Cybersecurity Trends Magazine is also distributed to educational institutions in an effort to help resolve one of the biggest issues in Cybersecurity firms, access to a qualified talented workforce.

>>> Editorial calendar

Issue Editorial Deadline Date of Release
Q1 End of February 31st of March
Q2 End of May 30th of June
Q3 Middle of August 30th of September
Q4 Middle of November 20th of December

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>>> Info publication

  • Periodicity: 4 issues/year
  • Final format: 210 x 297 mm
  • Distribution: controlled, national, PDF

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E-mail: norman.frankel@icyber-security.com

Telephone: 0040 (0) 800 086 9544