About Us

The English language version of Cybersecurity Trends is sponsored by iCyber-Security Group and iCyber-Security Training Academy. 

It is iCyber-Security’s mission to give our clients assurance to operate their digital businesses Securely, Effectively and Efficiently. It’s our job to reduce risk, increase availability and optimize network applications performance in the connected world.

Cybersecurity Trends is publishing on a quarterly basis, news about the (almost) daily threats & attacks, changes in EU legislation, court cases & law enforcement, interviews with the major stakeholders and academics, case studies & analysis, practical advice. Information about companies, products, solutions, training, book reviews and dedicated events / conferences, are also covered.

Following a UN demand (through the ITU, UN’s specialized agency for telecommunications, in charge of global cybersecurity coordination), Cybersecurity Trends was first created in March 2015 by the Romanian-Swiss NGO – Swiss WebAcademy, in partnership with AGORA, Romania’s leader in IT media. The challenge was to edit quarterly an awareness-raising journal, in a Public-Private Partnership initiative and non-commercial neutral spirit, accessible to the broadest public distribution possible, as it is delivered for free online. Unintentionally, Cybersecurity Trends became the first journal of its kind where State institutions, analysts, academics and security companies share with the public the latest threats, awareness topics and solutions to prevent them. Since its birth, the journal received contributions of European top specialists and the UN has continued to provide its backing ever since.

In the very year of its birth, the journal was awarded the title “Best practice example for the European Continent” by the ITU, which endorsed it by writing in each issue a permanent section.

Since 2017, Cybersecurity Trends has developed more internationally as threats and risks grow and the need to share knowledge across markets becomes ever more relevant. Now, in addition to the Romanian-language edition, 4 more editions, in Italian, French, English and German, have been produced in cooperation with prestigious partners.  We continue our goal to gather both the best texts available in the Journal’s database and texts dedicated to the needs of the communities they address to and share these across the language editions (i.e. Switzerland, Italy, UK, Germany).

The Journal is redacted and edited in a non-profit way: neither the authors, nor the redactors receive a fee for it. The franchisees that fund the local language editions, have the possibility to cover their costs (graphic pagination, translations, etc.) by selling ads, advertorials and even the pdf or printed issue provided that ALWAYS an online-readable issue is available to all for free on the ISSUU platform (issuu.com/cybersecuritytrends).  This is particularly relevant as it makes texts available across the whole of Europe free to Schools, Universities and Libraries.