Ethics is certainly one of the most debated aspects of the digital revolution, which will reach its apex with the implementation of the 5G technology, allowing most of the planet inhabitants to have a full-speed internet access. Ethic greatly depends on the social, political and religious context, and each country and organization will need to define which ethical code to be applied. In order to make the “ethical journey” meaningful, the starting point is as usual awareness raising and knowledge sharing, allowing all stakeholders and the general public to better understand the concept within the context of digital transformation.

A big section of the present issue is dedicated to such reflections, in order to facilitate a better understanding of the relation between ethical behavior and the immense opportunities that the current and emerging digital technologies can bring to the global community. We wish you a nice reading of this brand new issue of Cybersecurity Trends UK, “reborn” after six months of interruption thanks to the efforts of its editors and their commitment to serve the community, no matter the amount of work it takes on their own time!





Author: Marco Obiso

Cybersecurity Coordinator,

International Telecommunications

Union (UN-Geneva)




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