Founded in 2015 to reward innovation and excellence in cyber security, the awards have a strong people focus. There are awards for CISO of the year and personality of the year, which celebrate some of the most successful people in the industry. But there are also awards for the best newcomer. Other categories include woman of the year. All awards, highlighting the achievements of some fantastic cyber security professionals. The awards are totally independent, without affiliation to any publication or organisation. It has been this independence, along with the well regarded judging panel, that has led to the awards being recognised as one of the most desired accolades in the industry.

Previous CISO of the year winners include Troels Oerting and Gilbert Verdian. Troels has recently left his role at Barclays, for which he won his award and is now Head of Global Centre for Cybersecurity at the World Economic Forum. Gilbert won for his outstanding efforts at Vocalink in 2017. He has since

undertaken roles with the Federal Reserve System and the European Commission. Our first winner, Bryan Littlefair is now one of our judges!

The Woman of the Year category is often a highly contested category. With the goal of celebrating and promoting diversity in cyber, there are a high number of entrants. Vicki Gavin was the first recipient and after a successful time at The Economist, she is now the Data Protection Officer and Head of Information Security for The Northview Group. This year, there is an outstanding shortlist. The shortlist includes women from Deloitte and KPMG who have been instrumental in increasing the diversity in the cyber teams of their organisations and beyond. Emily Biggs at Digital Shadows has made the shortlist for her incredible achievements as part of the organisation. Also included is Mary-Jo de Leeuw. Mary-Jo has been training young people on cyber security and has also managed to have

a connected doll banned from stores, after she was able to programme it to talk like a terrorist.

As well as individuals, there are also awards for products and teams. Previous winners of product awards includeYoti, the digital identity app which is experiencing huge success. Nuix Investigation and Response and DNS Shield from Neustar are also previous winners.

A key category this year has been the Cyber Awareness category. This category has grown in size over the past four years, highlighting one of the many changes in the industry. Awareness is now key to many organisations as they realise that breaches often come from human error and that vulnerabilities can be reduced with better training. Amongst the 10 finalists this year are Hacker Girl, a free online cartoon series which has been used to educate individuals about online risk. TalkTalk may not be a name you expect to see shortlisted for a Cyber Security Award but their awareness plan truly impressed the judges this year. Utilising a number of different methods, they have implemented a comprehensive plan, with strong evidence of success and improvements in their key metrics.

Winning a Cyber Security Award can have a hugely positive impact on an organisation. Companies may see an increase in sales, as customers have extra faith in a product that has been independently judged. Organisations that win awards from their security may see extra confidence from their customers. Previous winners of team awards include Arcadia, Vocalink and Camelot. For individuals, the benefits can be significant. CISO’s can expect to see a boost in morale from their teams, as well as finding it easier to attract and retain talented individuals to their teams. Those in other categories such as Newcomer or Penetration Tester may find an increase in the amount of job offers they receive! Or they may find a promotion or pay increase is on the card. Being an award winning penetration tester can help their employer win more business, making them a more valuable employee.

If you are considering entering the 2019 awards, the judges have provided some tips on what they look for.

Innovation – The Cyber Security Awards celebrate innovation, in products, strategy and delivery. Every category is looking for the person, team or company who has something fresh to offer.

Passion – Our judges want to see individuals who love the industry and deserve to be celebrated. Getting across your passion for cyber, will see you take that top spot!

Results – A person, team or product that really delivers is key. Have you got boardlevel engagement or great sales results? We want to know!

Follow the rules – Keep to the word limit, make it easy to read, with no spelling mistakes. We get hundreds of applications, so making it easy for the judges to tell what you are about, really goes a long way.

The following categories will be open for applications soon.

  • CISO of the year
  • Newcomer of the year
  • Personality of the year
  • Woman of the year
  • Penetration tester of the year
  • Consulting practice of the year
  • Banking or financial services team of the year
  • Industry team of the year
  • Not for profit team of the year
  • Best security company of the year
  • Cyber security start up of the year
  • Innovative product of the year
  • Innovative product – threat detection
  • Innovative product – cloud based
  • Cyber awareness plan of the year


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