If 2017 had a mix of complex and world-spread cyberattacks, as well as fake news in the headers of mainstream media almost each week, this year seems to start at an even higher level with the unveiling of some vulnerabilities concerning the most vital part of our devices: the processor itself.

More than ever, awareness raising, consciousness, education and capacity building in the field of cybersecurity, resilience and defense is the clue for a better, safer and enjoyable digital life.

The ITU is continuing its efforts in all fields, involving its members as well as promoting efficient partnerships in this field.

In the present issue of the journal, you will find an example of positive and proactive achievement in the field of information sharing on threats and solutions by actors of all involved sectors: private and public specialists, but also private and public users.

We salute the multiplication and adaptation, by the Swiss Webacademy and its partners, of the concept of dialogue platform developed, for Central Europe, in Sibiu since 2013. The birth of the annual platform dedicated to Western Europe (in Porrentruy, Jura, aka “Cybersecurity-Switzerland) and, next May, of its counterpart to be held in Noto (Sicily) and focusing on the Mediterranean ecosystem, are very needed events, to be added to the existing ones.

Above all, in our times, many congresses, conferences and meetings end on their final panel, after the last speech. The Cybersecurity-Switzerland congress delivers here, in 4 languages, a 40+ pages white paper, allowing everyone to catch the core substance of the papers of all speakers present, bringing food for thought and many ideas to develop further, as the event, supported by the ITU, and considered by many important security elements impact on or come from the digital world.

The day before the Sibiu as well as the Porrentruy conferences , the Swiss Webacademy, duly backed by Romanian and respectively Swiss police specialized departments, established a new European and Swiss record on the number of children and teens to be made aware of the dangers surrounding them in their virtual life as well as the best and easiest precautions to take.

Therefore, the ITU decided to join and co-organize the awareness day offered by the Swiss Webacademy to Sicilian kids and teens at Noto, the 9th of May, with the prestigious and needed partnerships of the Italian National Communications Police and the Cyber District of the Global Cyber Security Centre (foundation of the Poste Italiane).

Education and cybersecurity culture, in a world where we, humans, are day after day the weakest link in the digital defensive line, are a must. We have all the duty to work together in this field to offer to the youth the necessary information to avoid the mainstream traps and dangers.

Author: Marco Obiso
Cybersecurity Coordinator, International Telecommunications Union (UN-Geneva)


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