Kevin Duffey

Managing Director of Cyber Rescue


Kevin Duffey is Managing Director of Cyber Rescue, a European membership based business that specialises in helping CEOs reduce the harm from cyberattack. Customers range from Swedbank (a leading Scandinavian financial institution) to Vodafone (telecoms) to BTG PLC (healthcare). Kevin is a highly international executive, having run businesses in over a dozen countries and worked in more than thirty countries. He holds a First Class Honours degree in Psychology, and has specialised in technology, management and security. Kevin is deeply experienced in digital security, having overseen implementation of security platforms for national governments and banks in countries including: Finland, Norway, India, Sri Lanka, Sweden. He is a thought-leader in technology, for example having been elected to the GSM Association’s “Hall of Fame” for being among the 100 people who did the most to deliver mobile phone innovation around the world. At Logica, he won the Financial Times award for Mobile Innovation, and founded the Global Mobile Commerce Forum. Kevin is broadly experienced in crisis management, for example he oversaw the evacuation of over 3,000 individuals from Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring. Similarly, he had oversight of emergency travel advice to over 10,000 individuals affected by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010.

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