Gian Carlo Caselli

President of the Scientific Committee of the Coldiretti Foundation “Observatory for agriculture and agro-food sector crimes”


Gian Carlo Caselli, was born in Alessandria, Italy in 1939.  He has been since 1964, after receiving his degree in Law, voluntary assistant at the History of the Italian Law Department at Turin University. In 1967, he joined the magistracy as legal auditor, then, in the early 1970s, he became a judge at the Turin Courthouse. In this capacity, until 1986, Caselli built cases (initiated by himself, then joined by other magistrates) on the investigations regarding the terrorist activities of the Red Brigades and Prima Linea in Turin, Genoa and Milan. In 1992, he was appointed the President of the Court of Justice, Turin. 
In 1992, following the mafia attacks from Capaci and via d’Amelio, that took the lives of Judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, Caselli requested to be appointed public prosecutor of the Italian Republic at Palermo Courthouse. He placed all his experience in the field of the fight against organized crime, in service for the country and took on the fundamental mission to counteract the mafia. Once the mandate in Palermo is concluded, Caselli continues his career with the same passion and fulfills other standing tasks, also at international level.
In 1999 he became Director of the Penitentiary Administration Department, in 2001 he is a member of the European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit (Eurojust), and in 2002 he became General Prosecutor of the Italian Republic at the Turin Court of Appeal. His commitment carries on in Turin, where – with the unanimous support of the High Council of the Judiciary – he wasappointed Chief Prosecutor, by replacing Judge Marcello Maddalena. Carrying on his call to spread a culture of legality, he is since 2014, the President of the Scientific Committee of the Coldiretti Foundation “Observatory for agriculture and agro-food sector crimes”. He served as President of the Commission for the elaboration of intervention proposals with respect to the criminal offenses reform in the agro-food sector (D.M. 20.4.2015), set up by the Minister Andrea Orlando. The work of the Commission concluded with the submission to the minister of a 49 articles file, each including guidelines to be followed in the reform process.